LightStim for Wrinkles

In clinical trials, 100% of participants showed significant, lasting improvements after 8 weeks of using the at-home device for only 3 minutes per area, 5-7 times per week without the aid of serums or other products.



LightStim Professional

Using a Visia camera which shows wrinkles and lines in the face, the below images demonstrate the effectiveness of one LightStim Professional Anti-Ageing treatment.

The green lines on the face highlight wrinkles on the face; you can see that there is a reduction in lines, especially around the eye area.


The LightStim Professional treatment increases micro-circulation which helps to fill out the wrinkles on the face while also giving a nice glow.


These results after one treatment can last up to 24 hours, when treatments are continued in a course of treatments results will be longer lasting.


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